About line guides

Line guides free up your hands wherever you'd use your finger to mark a place on the document.  For any task where your eyes go back and forth from copy to computer screen, such as editing,
they are invaluable.

Line guides are simple counter-weighted devices which keep your place on your document. Because the long end (for marking rows) weighs the same as the short end (for marking columns, as in a dictionary), when you hang the thread over the top of your book or document, the ends stay in place.

In the top photo on the right, a planner book is placed high on the Atlas; the short end of the line guide is being used to move down the list of tasks as they are accomplished.

In the lower photo, the long end of the line guide marks a row in a table.

If you work with rows or numbers, you can use a blank sheet or paper or a ruler upright on the shelf, behind the long end of the line guide, for left-right orientation.

Line guides may be purchased for any Atlas model (cost is $6 -- no additional shipping charge if purchased with an Atlas).

Line Guide
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