NOTE: Spring loaded clips
can not be used with Atlas Ultras.

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About the spring loaded clip
The spring loaded clip will hold a document over 2.5 inches thick to the back of the Atlas. The clip consists of a lucite disc in front of the wooden Atlas, held in place by a nut on a 4-inch stainless steel rod. The rod extends through the back of the Atlas, where it goes through a spring and then to another nut. Because the Atlas Ultra depends on slots for adjustability rather than holes, the spring-loaded clip can not be used with the Atlas Ultra.

The clip can be mounted anywhere there is a hole on the Atlas -- and the back has more than 20 of them!   Different placements have different uses. The arrangement in the photo enlargement at the right is ideal for entering data from documents, using your left hand to remove them as they are processed.

The enlargement makes several additional aspects of the clip visible. Ergonomics is about choices -- and you can choose to mount the clip on-center or off-center (as shown) depending on the documents you are using and the task. You can also choose the side of the disk with the bumps for friction, or the smooth side if you want less grabbing power. An "easy-pull loop" is available for people who have limited hand strength.
  In the photo at the left, a stapled document is being held by the spring loaded clip (which is covered by the turned page). The collared page stopper (in enlargement at right) keeps the turned pages flipped.

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